Duyufur Rahman Takaful

Duyufur Rahman Takaful provides compensation in the event of injuries, total and permanent disability or death caused by sudden and unforeseen accident, medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident, travel inconvenience and travel assistance for Hajj and/or Umrah trips.

Basic Scope of Cover

  • Personal Accident Coverage
  • Medical and Surgical Expenses
  • Travel Inconvenience
  • Emergency Medical Assistance and Repatriation


  • Individuals who are aged between eighteen (18) to eighty (80) years old and can be extended to their family members aged from a minimum of six (6) weeks to a maximum of eighty (80) years old

Period of Takaful

  • 24 hours from the time of departure until 24 hours upon arrival in Brunei Darussalam