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Takaful Benefits


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Annual Takaful Contribution


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1 Who are eligible to participate with this Takaful plan?

A. Teachers/educators/tutors/lecturers/professors or trainers who are registered under the Ministry of Education (Moe) and the Department of Islamic Religious Studies, Minitry od Religious Affairs (MoRA).

Q2 Do they need to fill in the proposal form and do medical check up?

A. Yes, they need to fill in a form (BCA). Medical check-up is not required.

Q3 Can retired teachers be covered under this plan?

A. No, unless Teachers are retired when certificate is still in force until expiry.

Q4 Can expatriate teachers be covered under this plan?

A. Yes, but coverage is automatically VOID once the contract ends and they are not covered once they are in their country of origin for a holiday.

Q5 What happens if the Teachers change professions?

A. Coverage is still in force until expiry of the takaful certificate and renewal is not allowed upon expiry.

Q6 Can Teachers who are studying overseas be covered under this plan?

A. Yes, can be covered as long as his/her profession is still as teacher and registered under MoE or MoRA.

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