Types of content we cover for Home Owner Takaful

Types of content we cover for Home Owner Takaful are as follows: 1) Furniture,furnishing,carpets 2) Electrical items for example fridge and washing machines 3) Home theatre equipment 4) Clothes and shoes limit up to B$1,000 5) Toys and sporting equipment above $250/item 6) Gardening equipment above 250/item.

Building we cover for Home Owner Takaful

Building we cover for Home Owner Takaful as follows: 1) Domestic residential buildings at your site that can be locked up. 2) Outside building include office,shed,garage,carport,fence and gates. 3) Fixtures or items permanently attached or fixed to your home for example: light fixtures,built in wardrobes,kitchen cupboards and floorboards.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Semoga Ramadhan ini memberi keberkatan dan rahmat Semoga Syawal ini memberi kegembiraan Moga menjadi manusia yang soleh/solehah pandulah kenderaan awda dengan bertawakal kepada Allah Ingatlah Allah selalu... Jaga diri dan hiasi peribadi17

Public Notice

Dear valued Participants, Please be informed that in conjunction to the "Keberangkatan KDYMM Paduka Seri Baginda Sultan dan Yang Di-Pertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam Bagi Majlis Ramah Mesra dan Junjung Ziarah ke Daerah Brunei & Muara" today, Thursday 19th July 2012, Insurans Islam TAIB's Brunei & Muara District offices and counters...

Home Owner Takaful.

What are you covered for? Fire, lightning, Explosion due to domestic gas cylinder / pipes, Earthquake & Volcano eruption, Storm, Flood, Impact Damage, Burglary, Water Damage due to burst pipes or water tank and broken glass. For more info, do contact us at 2223004 ext 219/224 Home Owner Takaful "...

The World Cup is not the only trophy awarded this summer!!

Cast your vote for Insurans Islam TAIB to be the Best Takaful in the World. Cast your vote in 2 easy steps: Step1: Fill in your Details as shown in the picture below Step2: Type "Insurans Islam TAIB Sdn Bhd" for the best Takaful then click Send Nomination to cast...