Family Takaful Plan (PTK) offers takaful coverage and saving if you plan to accumulate fund systematically for future needs, for instance as retirement fund or as will to next of kin, should untimely death or permanent total disability occurs.

Family Takaful Plan for Education is a long term saving and investment programme for parents who have intention of creating a kind of endowment to finance children’s future education. Under this plan, the benefit payable in the event of death to participant shall be paid to the named children according to the Islamic principal of Hibah (gift) when they reach 18 years old.


  • Assist you in planning systematically your saving for future needs.
  • Provide Takaful cover should untimely death and permanent total disability occurs.
  • Participant shall receive all of his/her saving which had been credited to his/her Participant Account during participation with the share of profit form investment, if any.


  • Participation must be made by an individual on his/her own name
  • 18 years old and above and not exceeding 65 years old when policy matures
  • Healthy and not working or not involve in any dangerous activities

Takaful Participation Period


Takaful Installments

  • Minimum takaful installment is at B$15.00 per month. Participant may choose to pay the takaful installment either Monthly ($15), Quarterly ($45), Half-Yearly ($90), or Annually ($180).
  • The Takaful installments paid by the participant shall be apportioned into two (2) separate accounts as follows:-
    • Participant’s Account (PA)
      • The amount credited to this account is solely for the purpose of the participant’s savings and investment. Any profit generated from the investment shall be credited into this account in accordance to the principle of Al-Mudhabarah.
    • Participant’s Special Account (PSA)
      • The amount apportioned into the Participants’ Special Account is as tabarru’ or donation for the purpose of joint guarantee and shared responsibility amongst participants as embodied in the concept of Al-Takaful. The rate of tabarru’ varies according to the participant’s age and the period of Takaful of the plan chosen.

Scope of Cover

  • Basic coverage:
    • Death and Permanent Total Disability due to accident and illness.

Additional Cover (optional)

  • Additional Covers offers under this Plan are as follows :-
    • Personal Accident (PA)
    • Hospital Benefit (HB)
    • Family Rider (FR)

Total Sum Insured


Method of Payment

  • Salary Deduction
  • Cash or Cheque
  • Credit Card (Visa & Master)
  • Bank Standing Instruction

Documents Required

  • Identity Card
  • Birth Certificate or Identity Card of the beneficiary or the child who will receive the ‘hibah’ (gift)
  • Copy of bank pass book (if takaful installment is paid through debit account)
  • Identity Card or Birth Certificate for each spouse and child for FR cover