Insurans Islam TAIB Holdings Sendirian Berhad (IITH) organized a blood donation campaign today in which a large group of IITH managers and employees as well as the public had participated in the campaign. The campaign’s theme called “Be a Hero” is in conjunction with the IITH 25th Anniversary celebration and World Remembrance Day of Road Traffic Accident Victims. This campaign was organized at Insurans Islam TAIB Holding’s main branch located in Kiulap. It aims to instill the concepts and culture of charitable work so as to maintain a sustainable blood supply. This campaign also reflects IITH’s keenness to promote and enhance a healthy lifestyle, as blood donation is a main factor in overcoming several health problems. A total of 35 pints of blood were collected during the drive, with over 50 numbers of donors comprising of IIT staffs and members of the public where 22 were rejected due to low hemoglobin. Commenting on this campaign, Manager of Business Development and Marketing, Awang Haji Abdul Majid bin Haji Hidup said: “This campaign is a response to our wise leadership call for disseminating the culture of giving among all staff and the public. It is part of the social responsibility efforts undertaken by all. In IITH, we are keen to be the first initiators in all aspects related to community service and contribute to enhancing the concept of partnership between institutions and individuals, by encouraging positive practices that benefit the individual and society.”
  Awang Haji Abdul Majid bin Haji Hidup added: “The campaign has received a great and distinguished response by the employees, which is not a surprise for our society. It reveals the strong and deeply-rooted motivation to help and provide assistance for those who need it, who represent a social segment that reflects these values’ existence within all those living in Brunei Darussalam. I would also like to praise the role of our partners from Jerudong Park Medical Centre Blood Bank in this campaign, who provided highly trained and professional medical cadres and staff.”
The blood donation drive was accompanied by an awareness-raising activity within IITH during which the employees were briefed on a set of instructions that should be followed the day before blood donation and within 24 hours after the donation.
The event was a collaboration between Jerudong Park medical Centre, Royal Brunei Catering, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and The Pineapple and Owl.